What is Sartor guide AI?

Sartor guideAI is the digital body measurement technology developed to give your customers the confidence to shop online. If you operate a made-to-measure business, then our solution is the technology that helps your customers to get very accurate body measurements by themselves. If you’re in a ready-to-order business (usually an online clothing store), be sure our tech got you covered!.


Create an ecommerce business backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

Sartor guide AI is remedying this issue with SAIA, a body scanning mobile app and platform for e-commerce shopping. SAIA can be integrated into a smartphone via API (Application Programming Interface). Consumers then take two pictures of themselves with their smartphone camera to trigger the body scanning technology. Next, SAIA evaluates the photos to determine body measurements, body shape and size of consumers, and results can be filed to ensure that shopper’s next e-commerce experience is more personalized and the fit they pick likely more accurate. Since the launch of SAIA, Sartor guide has scanned 10,000 individuals, uploaded 200,000 photos in dataset, evaluated 100 body parameters and achieved 99.9 percent accuracy when it comes to body measurements with the right circumstance. The goal, is to help more consumers with a more improved shopping experience, and to decrease abandoned carts and return rates in the coming years.


of shoppers state that "visualization on me" prevented them from making a return.


ecommerce purchase are retured often becuse product are wrong size


of shoppers state that size recommendation solution help prevent them from making a return


Our branded partners have seen returns decline as much as 40%. with fewer returned Items to ship we'll even see less unwanted clothing end up in landfills

No more guessing! Sartorguide delivers the world’s first virtual fitting room that combines personalized size and product recommendations with try-on with one simple tap.

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Designed For High Accuracy

Algorithm improvements and resolution enhancements power the Sartorguide's extreme accuracy. Gathering precise body measurements typically requires expensive, specialized 3D laser scanners.


Sartorguide is not bound to any specific age group or gender. It can be used by a boy or a girl, an adult male or a female.

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We’ve created our app so you don’t have to go to a big retail store or any fittings. Get measured in the comfort of your own home! No need to dread clothes shopping anymore because we’ve designed the perfect way to get custom fitting clothes that you’ll love.

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