In this day and age What does skin color have to do with making great fashion? Nothing; yet for years, Black artists and designers have struggled to get eyes on their work, been passed over for opportunities, and made to feel like there isn't a spot for them at the table. Sartor is the global platform for style, founded in 2020 to bring trust to the fashion community. Sartor technology platform has integrated measurement applications to ensure our customers worry less about the right- fit and focus on the occasion. At sartor, we believe fashion shopping online should be stress-free, and enjoyable with apparel and accessories from the world’s leading contemporary, avant-garde Black designer brands.


Our mission is to be the world's favorite destination for any tailor-made outfit. We give our designers the platform and support their needs to grow their business and thrive. We are selling convince and peace of mind that anytime you shop with us you wouldn't have to worry if your product would fit


“Tailored and unique outfit in every wardrobe in the world”

Our Model Is
Revolutionizing ecommerce

As e-commerce sales of apparel are increasing companies are looking for solutions to help customers find their perfect fit when ordering online. Body measurement technology is an emerging field that allows consumers to accurately measure their body dimensions with a smartphone. 3D body scanning apps utilize consumers’ photos to calculate the circumference and length of each body part to provide shoppers with precise measurements..

Research expects product return rates could decline as the accuracy of these camera-based solutions improves and retailers leverage the data to create better fitting fashion..

Lower return rates also mean reduced costs and lower carbon emissions for retailers with fewer returned items to ship..

We’re Making Luxury Sustainable

Today Nearly 30% of E-commerce Purchases are returned, Return rates are Typically Higher in the fashion Industry often because fashion are the wrong size. these cost retailers millions of dollars in Extra Shipping and frustrated shoppers. with SartorGuide an Emerging as a solution for consumers to accurately measures their feet DIMENSIONS with photos taken from their smartphone, some of our branded partners have seen returns decline as much as 40%. with fewer returned Items to ship we'll even see less unwanted clothing end up in landfills